Thursday 4th July Report

Movements of interest from today included Piaggio P180 Avanti EVO D-IPPY, which arrived during the morning on its 2nd visit as XGO4CC and left just under two hours later as XGO4AC. Thomas Cook A332 G-TCXD entered revenue service operating TCX2924 to Las Vegas. Private Wings Do.328 D-COSY arrived early afternoon from Braunschweig on its 1st visit as PWF86A. Turkish operated A333 TC-JNP on its 3rd visit on TK1995 from Istanbul. easyJet Europe A320 OE-INI operated its 2nd visit on EJU2921 from Milan. Air X Charter A342 9H-BIG arrived early evening on its 3rd visit as AXY420. Canadian Armed Forces A310 Polaris 15003 arrived during the evening as CFC3166. Vueling A320neo EC-NAE operated its 1st visit on VY8748 from Barcelona. Flairjet Beechjet 400 G-FXAP arrived during the evening also on its 1st visit, which left an hour later as FLJ54. And Brussels Airlines A320 OO-SNN operated its 1st visit as such on SN2183 from Brussels.