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Concorde 2nd March Event :-

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It should be another great “Spring like” day for photography - see Whats due list below! The Manchester February Photo page has been up dated with a number of yesterdays AND TODAY’S interesting visitors.

Yesterday was certainly an Airbus news day!….Beluga No 4 F-GSTD diverted into Manchester at 0930 hrs in the morning due to fog at Hawarden - Chester (See photo below). Airbus Industries announced that they will cease production of the A380 in 2021.Emirates have reduced their future orders for the aircraft whilst at the same time have announced new orders for 40 A330-900 NEO’s and 30 A350 -900’s.The company advised that they will take delivery of a further 14 A380’s prior to the production line in Toulouse closing.

Photo Below:- Beluga No4 F-GSTD is captured descending into MAN yesterday morning.Peter H.

Airbus Beluga MAN 140219 FGSTD PH.jpg

Yesterday afternoon saw the Beluga XL making its first visit to the Airbus factory at Broughton (Chester) where the wings for Airbus aircraft are manufactured. The aircraft is expected to remain at Broughton until Saturday lunch time. See below (scroll down) for a fine selection of photos from the “historic first” by Stuart Prince…

The first flight of the Boeing 747 took place on 9th February 1969 - 50 years ago. To mark the occasion we give the "Queen of the skies" our banner photo... and there's no better photo to commemorate the occasion than the first 747 to visit Manchester BOAC's G-AWNC on 17th August 1970. More photos of the Boeing 747 at Manchester can be seen by checking out a new page on our MAN News section :- 747’s @ MAN…

Talking of 50th Anniversaries…A very special event to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Concorde’s first flight is taking place in the Concorde Hangar at lunch time on Saturday 2nd March. Guests will be treated to a visit on board to see the new illuminated Flight deck and cabin. An afternoon tea,sandwiches and cakes under the wings of Concorde, a facilitated Q & A with business man Fred Finn who holds the record for travelling the most times on Concorde. Films of Concorde’s first flight and arrival at Manchester will be shown. The event will conclude with one of our guests from the audience (Raffle Winner) sitting in the Captains seat and operating the switches to lower Concorde’s nose - whilst the rest of our guests toast Concorde . This will be the first time Alpha Charlies nose has been “drooped” in public since her arrival at Manchester in 2003.Tickets for the 50th Anniversary of Concorde’s first flight event on Saturday 2nd March are selling very fast. If you are interested in coming along to this unique occasion our advice is to book asap as we have a maximum of 200 places available and well over half of these have now been sold … To book - visit the Events section on this web site or call in at The Aviation Shop at the RVP or Terminal 1 arrivals.

Thomas Cook have announced a “Strategic Review” of - The Airline. This could have a significant impact for its Manchester base. With Flybe also about to enter into a period of change there is little doubt that the next few months could be challenging in more ways than one for the industry and Manchester Airport ..See Manchester Route News for further info…


Friday 15th February 2019

0555 EY015 A6-BME

0600 QR021 A7-BCP

0620 CX219 B-LXH

0700 EK021 A6-EVA

0715 UA081 N12125

0725 EW9340 D-AIZR (Borussia Dortmund Livery)

0731 9W130 VT-JWP

0745 ET728 ET-ANN B777-200LR

0800 LX390 HB-JCT

0830 SQ052 9V-SMN

0847 SK2547 SE-ROB A320N

0900 AA734 N281AY

0911 SK539 OY-KBO A319 Retro

0915 AY1361 OH-LXB A320

0939 LH2500 D-AIDQ A321

0943 TK1993 TC-LSC A321N

0944 TP1316 CS-TTF

1000 G-CIEL C560XL

1002 DY1326 LN-NGQ

1005 PH-TXA C510 Mustang

1025 F-HGET PC12

1040 FI440 TF-ISX

1045 EK017 A6-EDV

1125 EW9346 D-ABQI

1135 SV123 HZ-AR11

1155 OS463 OE-LWP

1205 TS564 C-GSAT

1206 QR027 A7-BAB One World Livery

1210 LH942 D-AIST

1334 VY8748 EC-MYC Disney Livery

1350 LH938 D-AING A320N

1430 G-CISK EMB145 Eastern Airways

1454 EY021 A6-ETG

1505 EW9342 D-AEWF

1530 D-CGGG Learjet 31

1537 TK1995 TC-JSB A321

1550 CS-PHE Phenom 300

1630 EC-KES C525

1700 AY1365 OH-LVI A319

1810 LX380 HB-JVM E190 Helvetic

1812 WY105 A4O-SB

1834 EK019 A6-EUX

1840 CS-LTH C680

1844 TP1318 CS-TJN A321N

1846 EW9344 D-ABGQ


0505 HU7903 B-8117

0636 CX219 B-LXB

0700 EK021 A6-EUZ (Year of Zayed Livery)

0725 EW9340 D-ABGQ

0730 9W130 VT-JWP

0800 LX390 HB-JCT

0816 SQ052 9V-SMI

0850 LH940 D-AIRS A321

0900 AA734 N284AY

0915 AY1361 OH-LVI

1010 TP1316 CS-TVA A320N

1020 SN2173 EC-LPG CRJ1000 Air Nostrum

1040 FI440 TF-FIC

1125 EW9346 D-ABQG

1145 SV123 HZ-AR23 B787-9

D1300 KLM A330-300 PH-AKB From Air Livery.

Monday 18th February

0800 KLM B777-200 D1245 28th February for Air Livery

1215 Lufthansa A350-900  D1310 LH2570/1 MUC-MUC

Tuesday 19th February

2155 4X-CPX Gulfstream 4 D2300 21st

Wednesday 20th February

0930 Lufthansa A350-900 D1100 LH2570/1 MUC-MUC

Developments at the RVP

Plans were released by MAG on 23rd January for the construction of a new Executive Terminal (known as PremiAir) . The new Terminal will be located on the site of the Runway Visitor Park (RVP) where the two round viewing mounds are currently situated. Construction work will commence immediately in order that the Terminal can open for business this Summer. The RVP will remain open throughout the works and in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns with respect to views offered from the mounds now or in the future, please direct them to the RVP:-

Artists Impression of the new PremiAir Terminal (Airside view)

Artists Impression of the new PremiAir Terminal (Airside view)


was promulgated to E Members on Wednesday 30th January 2019. It was available for collection from the TAS Shops from Friday 1st February and should be delivered by post on or prior to Saturday 2nd February.

A reminder that you can join TAS or renew your Membership via this web site. Go to the “Join TAS” tab

Beluga XL pays its first, but not last, visit to Chester Hawarden 14th February 2019…

A photographic montage by Stuart Prince.


A Manchester Memory

Super Guppy “Golf Victor! looks rather splendid in this wintry scene in Manchester’s Southbay. “A blast from the past?” rather than “a beast from the East?”…3rd January 1979. Oh dear, yes 40 years ago. F-BTGV fortunately still survives today and is now on display at Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire.

 For more photos from January and February in years gone by check out the Manchester Memories section on this web site…you won’t be disappointed.