In the past these have included visits to ATC  Control Towers, on board different aircraft types, visits to Airport Fire Stations, Police Stations, Photo Shoots on an airfield, Aircraft Simulators, Emergency Control Centres, Flight Catering Units, Trips down a Runway, and Aircraft maintenance hangars!

Since its formation (over 45 years ago) The Aviation Society (TAS) has operated trips “Behind the Scenes” at airports for its members.  These unique tours enable our Members to have a detailed look at the workings of an organisation, perhaps not normally seen by the public.


Now Open For Bookings

We now have a number of Manchester ATC Tours open for bookings. Please e mail for details. Please note:  A Manchester Airport Watch Scheme pass is required for the ATC tours.

Places are currently available on the following Tours for TAS Members:- 

Future Tour Dates:-

Manchester Airport Police Station - Tuesday 5th March

*An Airport Watch Scheme Pass is required for this evenings visit

East Lancs Railway – Saturday 16th March 2019 09.30 until 16.30 (approx.) Cost £20.  The Trip is to consist of a guided tour in the morning of the engine sheds, carriage works and sidings, visit to the signal box and access to Transport Museum opposite Bury Station Entrance. The afternoon consists of railway journey (hopefully by Steam Locomotive). This is a one of opportunity, not to be missed! East Lancs Railway indicated approx 3 hours walking in the morning, proper walking shoes or boots . No trainers or unsuitable shoes allowed.

BAE Systems at Warton (limited spaces) Sunday 17th March (10.30)

*Manchester Airport Air Traffic Control Tower 14th April (1100 and 1400)

*Note: A Manchester Airport Watch Scheme pass is required for the ATC Tour

Amazon Operations near Manchester Airport 16th April (1400) -

City Airport (Barton) -18th June (10.30)

 Airbus Broughton – A320  – 3rd October

All Members of TAS can book on any tour (details below). Please note that some tours which go to airside areas may require you have a valid Airport Watch Scheme Pass. (See Airport Watch Scheme info on this web site for details) This will be specified in the advert for that particular tour. It is not a requirement for all tours.

TAS will make a contribution to a nominated charity from the monies raised from these Tours.


It's easy! All you have to do is send e-mail to our Behind the Scenes Coordinator – Pam Barker requesting that a place is reserved for you on a particular trip and also providing a contact telephone number.   OR you may attend a TAS Social Evening and make the booking and payment direct.  This is the most efficient and our preferred way for you to book. Remember you have to be a Member of TAS to book so we will need your Membership number on booking.  The e-mail address for booking and any further info is:-


If you are reserving your place in advance via e-mail the booking is not confirmed until a cash payment is made at a TAS Social Evening.  It's easier therefore if you can go along to a Social Evening and make your booking on site.  For persons who are unable to get to the Social Evening, Pam will make mutually convenient arrangements with you via e-mail for the payment. 


The cost of each Behind the Scenes Tour is normally £5 per person.  In some circumstances the host organisation may have an additional standard charge (e.g. entrance fee) – you will be informed of this at the time of booking.


You will receive instructions at the time of booking.  However, as a general rule it will be your responsibility to make your own way to the venue.  If you are able to offer transport to another Member i.e. Car Sharing – Please let Pam know at the time of booking.

Special Requirements?  

Where possible we will inform you in advance of any special arrangements such as the requirement to have a valid Airport Watch Scheme Pass or any Car Parking information at the venue etc. Cameras are normally allowed on all the Behind the Scenes Tours.

How long does the tour last?  

Every tour is unique but as a general rule will last approximately 2 hours.

Can I have a refund if I don't turn up?  

No refunds are given unless the Tour is cancelled by the host organisation  / TAS.  In such circumstances you will be advised in advance.  Please inform Pam if you are unable to attend (having booked) as it would be unfair on the host and group if they were to be delayed as a result of waiting for you to arrive.