Thursday 2nd May Report

Movements of interest from today included Hainan A333 B-304L, which operated its 2nd visit on HU7903 from Beijing. United operated B763 N654UA on its 1st visit on UA81 from Newark. EMB-505 Phenom 300 D-CWWW arrived during the morning on its 1st visit as QGA444F and left mid-afternoon as QGA445F. ex TCX/Air Transat A321 C-FTXL also arrived during the morning from Montreal on its 1st visit as such as TS096 on its return from winter lease. Sichuan Airlines Cargo A332F (A7-AFY/B-308P) departed during the morning back to Doha after repaint by Air Livery as QTR3258 prior delivery. Citation 525 D-IHUB arrived late morning on its 2nd visit and left an hour later as AWU502E. Emirates operated A388 A6-EUU on its 6th visit on EK17 from Dubai. Beechjet 400XP SP-TTA arrived early afternoon also on its 2nd visit and this left mid-afternoon as SAH59P. EMB-135BJ Legacy 600 G-XPTV arrived early afternoon on its 2nd visit and left two hours later as REN85U. Vueling A320neo EC-NAX operated its 1st visit on VY8749 from Barcelona. And Jet2 B738 G-DRTU departed early evening on its second air test and arrived back 90 minutes later on its 3rd visit as EXS051B. After 90 minutes on the ground it was back in the air to perform its third air test and arrived back an hour later on its 4th visit a EXS052B.