Friday 12th April Report

Movements of interest from today included G650 N829AR, which departed early morning after night stopping. Ethiopian operated B789 ET-AUQ on its 7th visit on ET728 from Addis Ababa via Brussels. Avion Express A320 LY-VEW operated its 1st visit on behalf of Norwegian on DY4479 from Stockholm. Finnair operated A321 OH-LZT on its 4th visit on AY933 from Helsinki. Citation 525 OK-KIN arrived early afternoon on its 2nd visit and left just over an hour later as DFC252G. 2 Excel Aviation B733 G-TGPG arrived late afternoon from Stansted on its 3rd visit and left late evening as BRO37A. easyJet Europe A320 OE-ICU operated its 1st visit as such on EJU2921 from Milan. And HondaJet LX-WJA arrived early evening on its 1st visit as such as FYL42JA and left just over an hour later as FYL43JA.