Sopwith Propellor.jpg

Small Sopwith Propellor £140.00

Constellation Paperweight.jpg

Constellation Paperweight £70.00

Silver Concorde Desktop Model £85.00

Silver DC3 Desktop Model.jpg

Silver DC3 Dakota Desktop Model £85.00

Propellor Desk Clock.jpg

Propellor Desk Clock £80.00

Nimrod Desk Clock.jpg

Nimrod Desk Clock £45.00

Nimrod Desk Model.jpg

Nimrod Desk Model £35.00

Graphic Tumbler 787.jpg

Boeing Graphic Tumblers £18.00

787 Dreamliner Mug.jpg

Boeing Engine Mugs £18.00

Boeing 747-400 BA BOAC Characature Mug £10.00

Boeing 747-400 BA Landor Characature Mug £10.00

Airbus A319 BA BEA Characature Mug £10.00


Airplane Napkin Rings £20.00

Bottle Holder.jpg

Wooden Wine Bottle & Glass Holder



Airplane Shaped Bottle Stopper £20.00


LED A380 Lamp £25.00

SR71 Double Coin Set.JPG

Commemorative SR-71 Blackbird Coin - £99.00/also available as a Double Coin set. Limited to 71 Sets.

Signed by 6 former pilots


Red Arrow1.JPG

Commemorative Red Arrows Coin Set

Signed by 5 former Team Leaders


Commemorative Yellow Jacks Coin Set - signed by former team member Henry Prince

Limited to 64 sets - £99.99

Lancaster & Vulcan Cushions £15.00

Commemorative Teddies £25.00

RPM Desk Pen Set.jpg

Desk Pen Set £35.00

Thrustmaster T16000.jpg

Thrustmaster Joystick £28.00

Flight Sim Yoke.jpg

Flight Simulator Yoke


And a little something special and sparkly for the ladies...
Aircraft Rhinestone Earrings.jpg

Rhinestone Airplane Ear-Rings £15.00

Silver Coloured Pendant.jpg

Silver Airplane Pendant £15.00

Jewellery Stand.jpg

bespoke silver airplane jewellery

16 inch Sterling Silver airplane necklace, with a pretty fresh water pearl £20.00

18 inch Sterling Silver airplane necklace with a pretty fresh water pearl £22.00

18 inch Sterling Silver airplane necklace £19.00

Elegant sterling silver French drop stud airplane earrings £20.00

2mm sterling silver beaded stretch bracelet with an airplane charm £30.00

Sterling silver dangle earrings with pretty fresh water pearls £20.00

4mm sterling silver beaded and white fresh water pearl stretch bracelet with airplane charm £35.00

Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet with airplane charm £30.00

Sterling silver anklet with airplane charm and extension chain £25.00

Sterling silver bracelet with airplane charm and extension chain £25.00

Assorted Greetings Cards for any occasion

Blank inside for your own personal message

(More available instore)

£2.50 each

Framed Military Prints £60.00

617 Patch Frame-01.png

RAF Marham 617 Squadron

Military Print / Patches £120.00