Who are TAS ?

The Aviation Society or TAS as it is widely known, is based at Manchester Airport. It is the largest aviation society outside of London with over 1200 members and over 45 years of unbroken experience. The aim of the Society is to bring together people with the same interest and provide them with the best facilities and information possible.

Manchester Airport , Airlines and other aviation related organisations actively support us in  the many varied activities we organise for the Membership. The Society also has a commercial arm that operates The Aviation Shops and provides professional tour guides at the airports Runway Visitor Park.

It is the wealth of experience, comprehensive range of activities and close relationship with the airport that make TAS, the success that it is today. Members benefit from this success in many ways, you could too, by joining today.


Welcome to TAS

Wamos B747-400 sub charter for TCX - John Wood