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All European and Overseas TAS tours are listed together as “TAS TOURS”. All TAS Tours are for Members only and are operated in conjunction with Airlines, Tour Operators and Travel Agents carrying the appropriate licences for group travel. It is a condition of travel that all persons who book on a TAS Tour arrange their own Travel Insurance.    

"Fully refundable deposits" – When a TAS Tour is advertised with a provisional price and itinerary, we will invite members to send in a deposit which, is fully refundable only in the following circumstances:- When the actual price and itinerary is published and the member no longer wishes to participate for any reason whatsoever the deposit will be refunded. However, if the member confirms his participation in the trip after the actual price and itinerary are published the deposit then becomes non-refundable.  

"Non-returnable deposit" – When a TAS Tour is advertised with a definitive price and date the deposit is non refundable. Note:- in all circumstances, if the trip does not take place all deposits will be refunded

FAR EAST EXTRAVAGANZA                       October 11th - 25th 2017

***FULL*** Reserve list open

Updated forthcoming Long Haul Overseas Trips

Mar/Apr 2018                                     Miami/Fort Lauderdale               

Jul 2018                                       Oshkosh                      

Oct/Nov 2018                                South Africa               

Feb/Mar 2019                                South America                         

Jun 2019                                        Anchorage                 

Oct/Nov 2019                                Far East Extravaganza

We are also looking at a number of European trips which will include Airshows, Museums and Factory visits. We would welcome your ideas and suggestions…


Overseas Trip Organisers:-  John Wood, Dave Kirkham, Peter Hampson

**To travel on TAS Tours you have to be a TAS member**